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CEUS Cover

I serve as Editor-in-Chief of Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, which is an interdisciplinary journal publishing cutting-edge and innovative computer-based research on urban systems, systems of cities, and built and natural environments, that privileges the geospatial perspective.

Telematics and Informatics Cover

I am the Editor-in-Chief for Telematics and Informatics, which is an interdisciplinary journal examining the social, economic, political and and cultural impacts and challenges of information and communication technologies.

IRSR Cover

I am Co-Editor-in-Chief of International Regional Science Review, which is a forum for geographers, economists, regional scientists, planners and other social scientists to share important research findings and methodological breakthroughs that have a spatial dimension

I serve on the editorial boards of Sustainable Cities and Society, The Information Society, Hrvatski Geografski Glasnikand (Croatian Geographical Bulletin), and Remote Sensing in Earth Systems Sciences. I routinely referee ~60 manuscripts per year as an ad-hoc reviewer for a variety of journals.

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